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Hepatitis Recovery Capsule has been verified to be very effective in treating HCV and the proportion of more-than-1-year disappearance of HCV RNA after receiving the therapy can reach 69.00%. In the same time, there are no eminent side effects when taking the medicine. HCV stays in nucleolus of liver cells and common circumstances may often be like this: if the HCV be killed the normal liver cells will incur large damage in the same time. .

About Our Hospital

THPTH is a state owned medical organization incorporating one hepatitis research center and one clinical hepatitis treatment hospital. After many years of clinical experiments and exploration in the field of applying Chinese herbal medicine to treat hepatitis they have accumulated rich knowledge and the medicine Hepatitis C Recovery Capsule........

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My ALT is still up to the upper sixties. I would like to continue with the med, but my hard drive has crashed down and I have lost the address . could you please tell me again the address I want to buy it now , so I don't get any gap..
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